News Update: Five SD cards Failed Today in Caloocan City

Canvassing was paused initially while waiting for the transmission to be repaired in the barangay, and as a result of the SD cards that failed in Caloocan City today, 142 of 188 barangays had already finished the transmission of ballots. Another 40 barangays are now transmitting, while six have not yet broadcast. The damaged SD … Read more

A Fuel Depot in Russia Was Struck by a Ukrainian Airstrike

In the first confirmed airstrike by Kyiv on Russian land, Ukrainian helicopters targeted a gasoline storage station in western Russia, igniting a massive fire, according to the regional governor. The declaration occurred on the 37th day of Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine, which has resulted in thousands of deaths and over 10 million people displaced … Read more

Ukraine’s Zelensky Issues a Warning as Russian Forces Ready to Strike the South

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, has warned that Russia is concentrating and planning “strong strikes” in the country’s south, particularly besieged Mariupol, where a second effort to evacuate inhabitants from the destroyed city will be attempted on Friday. As US President Joe Biden authorized the release of a record amount of strategic oil reserves to help … Read more

Philippines: SpaceX Will Launch Its Satellite Broadband Service

The trade minister said on Thursday that billionaire Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp (SpaceX) will debut its satellite broadband service in the Philippines on April 1, a first in Southeast Asia. According to Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez, SpaceX’s business permit application is being processed while the company scouts locations for its gateways. The company … Read more

Australia Launches Space Command In Response To China’s Ambitions

The Australian government created “Space Command” on Tuesday, a new defense agency with echoes of the US Space Force entrusted with ensuring the country’s role in an “already contested” cosmos. Military Minister Peter Dutton stated that the new defense arm would be modest at first, but he did not provide specific staffing or budget figures. … Read more

Two People Died After a 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Hit East Japan

A massive magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck Japan’s northeast coast late Wednesday, killing two people and injuring 94 others and bringing back memories of a devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck the same area a little over a decade ago. According to the authorities, there have been some reports of fire. Two verified deaths and 94 … Read more