How Jiji Dela Cerna Earns Money From Playing Mobile Legend Game

There are many apps on our cellphones that, when combined, can lessen our money due to the load, but if you know how to strategy, this is the one that can actually earn money. Thanks to Mobile Legends, a 15-year-old girl saved P4 million and constructed her own house. Jiji Dela Cerna, an online player, designed … Read more

Taiwan is “Preparing for War” with China

Taiwan’s armed forces have officially been placed on high alert as it “prepares for war” with China over US Senator Nancy Pelosi’s visit. Taiwan has reportedly placed its military on high alert and canceled the leave of some officials and soldiers as it ‘prepares for war with China over the observed visit of US Senator Nancy … Read more

Using Freeze-dried Cells, Japanese Scientists Create Cloned Mice

Japanese researchers have successfully cloned mice using freeze-dried cells, a technique they believe will one day aid in species conservation and overcome challenges with current biobanking methods. The United Nations has warned that global extinctions are accelerating and that at least a million species may become extinct as a result of human-caused factors such as … Read more

DFNN will Join to Build the Philippines’ First “Green” Data Center in Bataan

DFNN Inc, a publicly listed gaming and technology business, announced a partnership with Nautilus Data Technologies on Friday to develop a data center in Bataan’s Freeport Area. The agreed memorandum of understanding calls for the creation of a data center with the Silicon Valley tech firm Nautilus, which is recognized for its water-cooled datacentre architecture, … Read more

A Big Solar Flare Lasted Eight Hours after the Sun Erupted

A big solar flare erupted from Earth’s star as it becomes extremely active in its new cycle, maybe one of the longest ever occurrences on the Sun. AR3032, a developing sunspot, burst, causing M3-class flares that lasted nearly eight hours. From space, two satellites watched the action unfold. The huge flare slammed onto the inner … Read more

Project Nightfall Vlogger Apologizes After being Bashed for Allegedly Anti-Marcos Video

After receiving controversy for his supposedly anti-Marcos video, the internationally-known YouTuber apologized. In a now-deleted video, Project Nightfall, an internationally-known vlogger with a massive number of followers, receives a strong unfavorable response from BBM fans for his reported anti-Marcos video. The channel aims to change lives over one nightfall thru empowering messages. They currently have … Read more