Sandro Marcos and Alexa Miro were Spotted at F1 Grand Prix

Sandro Marcos, the first district representative of Ilocos Norte, and Alexa Miro were seen together at the Singapore F1 Grand Prix. The two are linked with romantic connection. The two were spotted when a social media post featuring them together during a European vacation that Alexa said was taken while they attended a mutual friend’s wedding went … Read more

WATCH: Indonesia Soccer Match Riot Kílled 129, Police say

According to authorities, one of the worst stadium disasters in history occurred during an Indonesian soccer game on Sunday, when a stampede caused at least 129 deáths and 180 injuries. In an effort to calm the situation as the losing home team’s fans invaded the pitch in East Java province on Saturday night, police fired … Read more

Blackpink and BTS Historic Victories at MTV VMAs 2022

Blackpink and BTS are two K-Pop idols that will make history by receiving many awards at the MTV VMAs in 2022. BTS, the much more nominated group at this year’s awards show, won group of the year for the fourth time in a row. The MTV Video Music Awards, along with the Billboard Music Awards, … Read more

74-year-old Pinay in New York was Allegedly Punched for Unknown Reason

Another one of our Filipino “kababayan” has allegedly fallen victim to the massive “unprovoked attack” that is taking place in America. A fellow female pedestrian kicking the 74-year-old Filipina as she crossed Madison Avenue near East 52nd Street happened quickly. The woman unexpectedly attacked the vulnerable Pinay for an unidentified cause, as shown in the … Read more

FIBA: Chot Reyes Received Boos from MOA Crowd during Gilas Game vs Saudi

As was to be anticipated, when the controversial Gilas Pilipinas coach appeared on the huge screen above center court, boos could continually be heard inside the Mall of Asia Arena. Reyes had the unexpected response from the audience, who shouted for every Gilas player during their introduction. When his name was mentioned by the stadium … Read more