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Former child star Makisig Morales in now married to Nicole Joson, Miss Earth Australia Charity 2017. Makisig posted a picture of them in Instagram on June 19, 2019, two days before the couple are married. https://www.instagram.com/p/By4tXkxpgvm/?utm_source=ig_embed Makisig wrote in his post, “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for [...]

Actor Eddie Garcia passed away on Thursday, June 20, 2019, 4:55 pm. It was confirmed that he suffered from neck fracture after tripping while shooting a TV series ‘Rosang Agimat’ for GMA Network last June 8. He was in a critical condition. Eddie Garcia was diagnosed with a severe cervical fracture and was put on [...]

Regine Velasquez frankly answered a basher who called her and her “balyenang laos” and her husband, Ogie Alcasid as “chaka unano”. The couple are currently in a “honeymoon-like” vacation at Boracay, based on the pictures they are posting on social media. One basher expressed her hate towards the couple saying that she is tired of [...]

Recently Joaquin Domogoso, son of Isko Moreno, stated that he is an aspiring actor. The 17-year-old teen revealed his celebrity crushes; most of them are older than Joaquin. He is the third child of Mayor Isko Moreno and Diana Lynn Tan who is currently trying his best to balance his showbiz life as well as [...]

After properly saying goodbye to ABS-CBN, Jon Lucas received hate comments from bashers. Some would even judge him and said that he is not loyal. While others commented asking who he was. Here are some of the comments: Some people would actually be hurt and insulted but Jon took it easy. He even thanked those [...]

Jon Lucas Bids His Farewell To ABS-CBN

https://www.instagram.com/p/By4GRWwn4ti/?utm_source=ig_embed In an Instagram post, Jon Lucas bids goodbye to ABS-CBN. He is extremely grateful for the love and care they gave him. As he bids his farewell to them, he wrote: Hello Kapamilyas all around the World! Just wanna say thank you for everything! Thank you for the love that you gave me and [...]

“I am kept in the dark dito sa isyu na ‘to.” This was the reaction of the “beauty-queen maker” and creative director of Miss Universe Organization in the Philippines, Jonas Gaffud, about the heated controversy between the newly crowned Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados and Bb. Pilipinas- International Bea Patricia Magtanong. Many people have been [...]

Kyline Alcantara: “Boyish Po Ako”

Kyline is closer to boys than girls, which speculated the ‘lesbian rumors’ over her. However, she admitted that she grew up with mostly boys around her. She is the only girl in their family and she has two brothers. Kyline is also close to her father, Butch Manga. Even in the showbiz industry, she has [...]

Every human has a right to choose one’s religion. We all deserve our freedom to choose. Being different from the rest, does not mean others should discriminate. Nur Ashour tweeted that she was verbally attacked by a person at Starbucks, however not a single person came to help her. https://twitter.com/catastrophicook/status/1140115913175437312 Nur was with her two [...]

A celebrity’s love life usually catches the attention of the netizens, especially the fans. David Licauco reveals that he is currently dating someone. “I’m dating, I’m dating,” he said during an interview with PEP.ph. He revealed that he is dating his non-showbiz schoolmate and is currently in the ‘mutual understanding’ stage with her. “I prefer [...]