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Widest White Sand in the Philippines

Bagsuk Island, Palawan

                  Among the lists of topmost attractive white sand in the Philippine archipelago like of Boracay Island, Sta. Fe Beaches and the Virgin Island in Bantayan, the widest white sand in the country can be found in Barangay Sibaring, Bagsuk Island in the Palawan province as you [...]

Marlins Beach Resort Bantayan Island Beach Bar

Marlin Beach Resort

                  Marlins Beach Bar offers different kinds of favorite drinks such as imported liquor and other beverages as well as fruit juices like buko juice and many others by just simply giving your signal to one of the Marlins staffs then enjoy or you can go personally [...]

Marlin Beach Resort

The Beachfront of Marlins Beach Resort is one of the most attractive features of the beach in which I love walking barefoot in a long highway of powdered-like-white sand in the island. If you click images attached to this article, it will enlarge and let you see it in full view, then I’m sure you [...]

Marlins Beach Resort Sta Fe, Bantayan Cebu

Marlin Beach Resort

Thinking of the best place to relax and enjoy the summer vacation? Undoubtedly, you are thinking of Marlins Beach Resort in Sta. Fe, Bantayan Cebu. Without many words to say, simply look at the photos I have attached to this article I’m sure you will agree with me. I have been there last summer in [...]

Bantayan Island Beautiful Sunset in the Beach


With many other interesting adventures in the island like Island Hopping to the Virgin Island and many others, the splendor of the sunset is one of the most beautiful experiences in Bantayan Island. Watching the sunset while walking along the beachfront of wet beautiful powder-white sand in one of beautiful beaches in island like the [...]

Virgin Island Bantayan Cebu Photo Gallery

          This Virgin Island is for SALE Contact me: Vince B. Ybañez Property Endorser https://www.facebook.com/ninon.ybanez or call: 09208107601  One of the most interesting moments during vacation in Bantayan Island is the Island Hopping to the Virgin Island. This island is the highlight destination in all the adventures during our summer vacation [...]

Virgin Island, Bantayan Cebu

Sillion Island

              This Virgin Island is for SALE Contact me: Vince B. Ybañez Property Endorser with Company I.D. #8210 Leuterio Realty and Brokerage Filipino Homes International under PRC Licence # 709 Click Link for direct Facebook Chat: https://www.facebook.com/ninon.ybanez or call: 09185906329 (034) 70447339) The Virgin Island in Bantayan, Cebu is [...]

Ogtong Cave

                  If you look for a nice place to relax during your summer vacation in Bantayan Island, stay in one of the famous resorts in the municipality of Santa Fe. The Santa Fe Beach Club known for its widespread international icon as the “Ogtong Cave”. Ogtong Cave [...]

Santa Fe Beach

                  In the province of Cebu, there are many beautiful landscape and beaches that you must discover. In Bantayan Island there are many beautiful tourist spots that attract both domestic and foreign visitors in the place. Below are the lists of the top visited tourist destination and [...]

World Class Tourist Spot, Cebu, Philippines

Bantayn Beach

                  The Philippines is blessed by our Heavenly Creator with different natural splendor that makes the country become the center of tourist destination in all Asia. In different parts of Philippine islands you can see many different scenic and magnificent spots like in diverse places in Visayas [...]