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A tourist spot in Sipalay, Negros Occidental can take your breath away of its amazing view and clear waters. Sipalay City is known to have many beautiful tourist spots, and one of those is Tinagong Dagat Island Resort. The beauty of nature can be barely noticed in this island. You can also appreciate the view [...]

Another rising tourist spot in Sipalay is the blissful hidden lagoon popularly known as “Tinagong Dagat” which means in different way of interpretation as the “hidden hills.” Considered the top view of the place, the beautiful blend of the denim blue and seafoam green sea is riddled with green islets became the principal magnet of [...]

The Perth Paradise Resort in Sipalay is undoubtedly one among the best place to relax and enjoy your during the summer time or anytime you wanted to spend your vacation from work or school as the place offers you breathtaking views with a unique world-class beauty that I am certain perfect for your family and [...]

A breathtaking view of of nature on top of the Mt. Apo caught the attention of the people. It is trending on Facebook as of now. Many netizens were amazed by the beauty of nature as they saw the viral photos of Mt. Apo. The clouds that formed on top of the Mt. Apo are [...]

The candidates for Miss Universe Philippines 2020 show off their beautiful body that gives heat to our day. Image from Cosmo.ph The Miss Universe Philippines 2020 fighting for the crown, slayed in their official swimsuit competition photos that were released by the pageant. Based on the report, MUP launched “Ring Light,” the first-ever “fundraising online [...]

AVATAR FACEBOOK FEATURE— Earlier this week, Facebook has released its new ‘Facebook Avatars’ Bitmoji-like. Have you too joined the hype on Facebook? If not, follow these simple steps on how to make your Facebook Avatar feature. For those who didn’t know, Facebook Avatars enable users to to create a cartoon-like version of yourself which can [...]

Photo from Voa.com The Russia’s anti-COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V is seen to be available in the Philippine for commercial use by April 2021, said the Philippine official who recently met with Russian authorities on Thursday. The executive director of Philippine Council for Health Research, Dr. Jaime Montoya, was part of a team of Philippine health [...]

https://youtu.be/6Ng6Gc1Vn6g Mafia is one of the best games in PS2 in 2002. Now they’re making a remake of the game, fans are now really excited about this game; this 2020 Mafia Definitive Edition will be one of the most anticipated games. There are a lot of changes in this game compared to the original Mafia, [...]

https://youtu.be/lSoo8uewvgo These people were so talented even the judges should have to push the Golden Buzzer. Having four yes from the judges is so heartwarming but having a Golden Buzzer is like having a heart attack as they auditioned.People right now are bored and staying at home, these top ten videos are the perfect thing [...]

10 simple inventions using home materials!

Are you bored being home all day? Why don’t you try these ten simple and convenient inventions by yourself! https://youtu.be/-fFO1pBGMd4 People nowadays are so innovative, because people are homebound due to the world pandemic caused by Covid-19 and they often think more than doing house chores. Why don’t you try these ten inventions? You can [...]