Jinkee Pacquiao Shows Off Her Pink Hermès Kelly Bag Painted By Heart Evangelista

Jinkee Pacquiao, a former vice governor, recently had Heart Evangelista hand-paint her pink Hermès Kelly handbag. Many Pinoys are aware that Jinkee is a fashionable woman who possesses a variety of expensive items, including limited-edition accessories, designer outfits, footwear, and bags.  She shared her favorite bags in a video posted by Metro.style, claiming that these … Read more

Heart Evangelista P200k Toy Collectibles Allegedly Fake But Almost Sold-out?

Only days before their expected scheduled August 28 release, Heart Evangelista’s handpainted toy collectibles are apparently virtually completely sold out. Heart Evangelista debuted her first collectible art toy, showcasing her love of the arts. The actress and fashion icon said last Sunday that her first-ever art toy release, which consists of 12 figures, will soon be … Read more

The Pampanga Toymaker Specialized in Creating Clones of Deceased Pets

Pets provide comfort and delight to many people. Some are even viewed as family members. As a result, losing these cuddly critters is excruciatingly unpleasant. After they die, their people generally have just images and home recordings to hold onto, as well as empty beds and kennels, chew toys, and leashes to remember them by. … Read more

A Hidden Van Gogh Self-Portrait has Been Discovered in a UK Gallery

A gallery in Scotland announced Thursday that it had discovered an unexpected self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh, with his ear undamaged, covered up behind another artwork. The portrait was discovered hidden behind layer upon layer of glue and cardboard on the back of the canvas of “Head of a Peasant Woman,” an 1885 work by … Read more

Paolo Ballesteros Tikbalang-inspired National Costume for the Bb. Pilipinas Candidate  

Paolo Ballesteros is now gaining recognition for his latest fashion design presentation. https://www.instagram.com/p/CfqLd1iP8C4/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Actor, comedian, and television personality Paolo Ballesteros is. He is well recognized for his role as the host of “Eat Bulaga” and his extraordinary talent at dressing up as well-known individuals and characters. Paolo is renowned for playing animated characters in indie comedy … Read more

VIRAL: SB19 is Now Trending on Twitter

SB19 is a Filipino boy band made up of Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken, and Justin that debuted in 2018. ShowBT Philippines taught them for three years, beginning in 2016. They are the first performers from the Philippines and Southeast Asia to be nominated for a Billboard Music Award in the category of Top Social Artist. … Read more

Reason Behind Why Jojo Bragais Was Disrespected by Catriona Gray

Jojo Bragais, a Filipino shoe designer, has voiced concern about the lack of respect shown to him because he aired his ideas on social media. “You don’t have to like me, But At least give the respect,” saad ni Jojo Bragais. Bragais also used the hashtags “#waxIn” at “waxOut”. Even though no names were revealed, … Read more