Cristy Fermin, Said that Toni and Alex Gonzaga’s businesses were Affected Because of Politics

On Cristy Ferminute’s most recent episode, Toni and Alex Gonzaga’s beverage company was discussed.

Cristy Fermin stated on the radio broadcast that politics had influenced the Gonzaga sisters’ businesses.

Nanay Cristy also sent a message to the Gonzaga sisters’ haters.

Toni and Alex have been chastised for the candidates they are backing in the upcoming elections.

Cristy Fermin highlighted Toni and Alex Gonzaga’s beverage company, Happy Cup, on the most recent episode of Cristy Ferminute’s.

Politics, according to Nanay Cristy, has had an effect on the Gonzaga sisters’ businesses.

“Alam naman po natin na meron silang negosyo, ‘yung Happy Cup. Tama po ba na ‘yung standee nila ay binabatukan para bumagsak? Tama po ba na parang tinitirador ang pangalan ng kanilang negosyo? Tama po ba na personalin natin dahil hindi nila kasama sa kulay pulitika si Alex at saka si Toni?” (“We know that they have a business, the Happy Cup. Is it true that their standee is being beaten to make it fall? Is it true that the name of their business is being slapped? Is it right for us to be personal because they don’t include Alex and Toni in politics? ”)

In addition, the veteran showbiz journalist sent a message to Toni and Alex’s critics.

“Sana naman po, walang ganu’n kasi nagtatrabaho naman po nang patas ‘yung magkapatid. Naghahanapbuhay naman po sila at malaki ang naitutulong sa kanila ng Happy Cup. E bakit naman po natin idadamay ang walang kakibo-kibong lalagyan ng inumin?” (“Hopefully, there is no such thing because the siblings work fairly. They are working and the Happy Cup helps them a lot. Why do we have to touch the empty beverage container? ”)

Cristy Fermin is a Filipino columnist with a long history. She’s been in the industry for a long time. Cristy Ferminute is her own radio show, and Showbiz Now Na! is her YouTube channel.

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