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Viral Now Beggar Bought Own Motorcycle By Collecting Five Pesos

Viral now on social media a beggar that shocks everyone after he bought a motorcycle for just collecting five pesos to random people.

Beggars are people that are jobless and poor that are just asking alms to earn money. However, there is one beggar who proves that not all beggars are the same after he bought himself a new motorcycle.

Beggar Bought

A netizen named Hannah Nicole Febra, shared on Facebook the story of the beggar that shocks netizens for buying a new motorcycle by just collecting money.

In the photos that are shared on social media, the beggar becomes an instant celebrity after people found out that he bought motorcycle. In the photos, it shows that the guy is taking for his identity documentation.

Beggar Bought

His new motorcycle was Motorstar Zest X 110 which is one of the affordable motorcycles in the Philipines, that worth 38, 000 pesos. What people thinks is why he pays it to cash for just collecting 5 pesos.

Some netizens were amazed and have a little doubt. Some are thinking, “what about his license, motorcycle registration, gasoline, and maintenance, he’ll ask for them again?”

Beggar Bought

But also some people feels jealous because despite of the beggars situation, he manages to save for him to buy his dream motorcycle. Some netizens tagged their friends and encourage them to do the same.

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