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BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Geromino Mother “Divine Geronimo” Commits Suicide Is A Hoax

Fast circulating now in social is the news regarding the suicide of Sarah Geronimo mother Divine Geronimo.

According to sources due to emotional breakdown Mommy Divine reportedly committed after Sarah wedding with Matteo Guidecelli in a secret manner.

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As per report Mommy Divine wanted her daugther asset to her before tying the knot with the actor and hired a personal bodyguard to report the actions of the newly wed couples, and later Matteo found out and allegedly punch Jerry Tamara the bodyguard hired by Divine.

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Meanwhile as a clarification the report is a hoax a just a false news wherein she is still alive and do not know where the news came from or it is just a retaliation from the fans of Sarah Geronimo.

Mommy Divine is know for her strict guidance towards Sarah and even meddling with her daughter past relationship with showbiz and non showbiz partners.


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