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Britain’s Got Talent is a show were exposes different talents of contestants giving them chance to show what they got, sharing their different stories in life. World-class talents were showing off competing for being the very best in order to embrace stardom. Here’s another episode in Britain’s Got Talent. The contestant in this episode is [...]

Raffy Tulfo in Action is a program that gives public service like no other. It also fights for justice and equality, reaching out Filipinos here and abroad helping Filipinos solved their problems and rescues  OFWs are abused and mistreated,. Here’s another episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action. Jean Robles asks help in Raffy Tulfo in [...]

Raffy Tulfo in Action gives solution to Filipinos who ask help to Filipinos who are in trouble because of some people who gives them a hard time and had damaged or taken their belongings such as husband, wife children, things, etc. This program had already served many people. Here’s another episode of Raffy Tulfo in [...]

MYX Music Awards gives honor to the hottest hitmakers both local and international scene of different genres of artists who gave their best and became in for the millennials today at the annual MYX Music Awards 2018. Here are some biggest names of artists in the Philippines being recognized in the #MMAs2018 night of the [...]

Gandang Gabi Vice is a segment were Celebrities and other TV personalities were being interviewed by the Host, Vice Ganda. This TV show had lots of surprises, funny moments that would made the viewers happy and relaxed. This show aims for entertainment and fun for all the viewers who are watching. Here’s one funny segment [...]

Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids is now showing every Saturday and Sunday on Abs-Cbn. This show is filled with entertainment and airs about kids imitates the face, voice and moves of their chosen artist of their choice. The contestant in this episode were the group of three child performers named TNT Boys, Francis Concepcion, Mackie [...]

Now on its grand finals, Piliipinas Got Talent Season 2018 Season 6 is getting exciting in the battle of the best aspiring talents who showcase their abilities to win the crown of being the grand winner in this season. Here’s one extreme performance in Pilipinas Got Talent. From Cordilliera, Bardelleranz showed their hot and extreme [...]

Pilipinas Got Talent is a talent show were talents are showcased for stardom. This season of Pilipinas Got talent 2018 Season 6 Semi-finals. Is now soaring high to see who will be the very best among of the best and win the crown of championship. Here’s another grand finalist in Pilipinas Got Talent. The contestant [...]

Pilipinas Got talent grand-finals is getting much more extreme because of the aspiring  grand-finalist who wowed the audience and the judges of their ultimate desire of winning the crown and 2 million pesos worth of price and a lot more. Here’s another episode of Pilipinas Got Talent. Kristel De Catalina is still stunning and very [...]

Raffy Tulfo in Action is a program where in Filipinos are being helped because of their request to have their problem and life issues be solved. This program values human rights and helps the needy and reaches out Filipinos who are abused and mistreated across the sea. Here’s another episode in Raffy Tulfo in Action. [...]