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Number of Recovered COVID-19 Patients According to Health Authorities

According to China’s National Health Commission and the Health Commission of Hubei Province disclosed the latest number of recovered coronavirus patients.

Favilavir also is known as Fapilavir was approved for marketing it is an antiviral drug that shows effectiveness against the COVID-19.

This drug was created by Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Company. And health authorities expect the drug to prevent and treat virus outbreak.

This will be the first anti-novel coronavirus drug that is approved by the marketing of the National Medical Products Administration since the outbreak began.

The numbers or recovered patients now are 12,712 according to Wordometers which compiles data from reports within Hubei through NHC and Hubei’s Health commission.

Number Of Recovered COVID-19 Patients Revealed By Health Authorities

Favilavir is one of the three drugs that have shown significant results in treating COVID-19. This is according to the reports.

And as the China National Biotec Group had announced that virus-neutralizing antibodies were extracted from the plasma of recovered patients from the COVID-19, experiments showed that the antibodies were found to be effective in killing the new coronavirus.

The plasma of the patient was extracted and used to treat 11 patients in critical condition and had significant results.

Another drug name that has the potential of treating the virus was called “remdesivir“.

This drug is set to be used to 761 infected patients of COVID-19 in Wuhan China in its clinical trial. The report says, this medicine is also good for treating SARS and MERS Coronavirus as well as the Ebola infections. Thanks for reading. We aim to provide our reader

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