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Doc Willie Ong Health Tips To Save You from Covid-19

Dr. Willie Ong gives his health tips to save you from novel coronavirus or COVID-19 the official name given by the world health authorities.

In this video of Dr. Willie Ong, explained the factor of escalating the Covid-19 cases in the world based on the graph he is using a reference of his illustration.

Dr. Willie Ong noted that according to the CDC Director in America the outbreak may continue for a long period of time based on the observation of the experts but he clarifies that the outbreak can be prevented if everybody take precautionary measure to prevent infection.

In this video, Dr. Willie Ong discuss the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyle and maintain strong in immune system to avoid infection of the said Covid-19.

Watch video here to learn from the Filipino doctor who shared his medical expertise in social media for free.

Dr. Willie Ong and his wife Dr. Liza are known for their free medical services online.

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