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Police PTMN Darwin Pagasita Nagposas ng Mantika Vendor Jordan Abrantes in “Raffy Tulfo in Action”

Mantika vendor in Tondo Manila comes to idol Raffy Tulfo at TV5 to complain Policeman Ptmn. Darwin Pagasita for arresting him with no valid reason

According to the complainant Jordan Abrantes, he was gathering used oils from fast food restaurants and a certain police Ptmn. Darwin Pagasita arrested him due to the alleged unknown illegal activity he was doing, according to the Ptmn Pagasita.

Raffy Tulfo learned that police Ptmn. Pagasita was drunk and out of his mind at the time of incident who grabbed his firearms and gives a warning shot against the suspect.

Idol Raffy Tulfo also learns from Col. Rolando Balasabas of Navotas PNP, that Pagasita filed a case against the suspect which makes idol Raffy upset after learning from him that Pagasita was trying to turn situation up-side-down.

 Idol Raffy asks Col. Balasabas to take action against the Pagasita to disarm him within that day and the later assured to take action against Pagasitas who was assigned in the drug unit of Navotas police station.

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