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Vhong Navarro to File “Felony Graver” than Frustrated Murder to Denise Millet Cornejo & Cedric Lee’s Camp

Comedian actor, “It’s Showtime” co-host Vhong Navarro, who was inhumanly beaten up with the identified Cedric Lee’s camp in Forbeswood Heights condominium unit Fort Bonifacio, Taguig on Wednesday night January 22, 2014 is now preparing to sue and file a “Felony Graver” which is heavier than a frustrated murder case against Denise Millet Cornejo & Cedric Lee‘s Camp.

Atty. Dennis Manalo confirmed this report in an interview with “Umagang Kay Ganda” on Monday January 27, 2014.

Vhong Navarro Attacked and Beaten

In a report with ABS-CBN.com, Vhong Navarro’s lawyer Atty. Dennis Manalo said that Navarro’s camp is now preparing the necessary document to be used to file the case against those people involved in attacking the comedian TV host with felony graver case which is heavier than frustrated murder.

“Definitely po meron pong kasong criminal na isasampa si Mr. Vhong Navarro laban sa mga taong gumawa nito. Amin pong fino-formalize ang mga dokumentong gagamitin namin… Very critical po at this point in time na malaman po natin ang katotohanan,” he said.

“Hindi pa namin maaaring ilahad ang kasong isasampa. Pero mas mabigat pa sa frustrated murder ang isasampa namin,” he added.

Atty. Manalo also said that they need to identify all other people involved aside from those identified already by Vhong Navarro which includes Denise Millet Cornejo, Cedric Lee and the certain Mike.

“Marami pang John Does dito. Kilala lang sa mukha pero hindi sa pangalan. Pero may mga personalities na nabanggit na si Mr. Vhong Navarro… Yung ibang mga kalalakihan na tumulong pagtatakdyakan at pagsusuntok sa kanya, hindi niya alam ang pangalan ng mga ito,” he said.

Atty. Manalo vowed to coordinate with the police assistance in Taguig PNP to treat the condo unit as a crime scene where Navarro was attacked by the group of men.

“Para sa akin, as soon as magkaroon po ng coordination, I think the Taguig Police should treat that condominium unit as a crime scene. Dapat po naka-cordon off na iyan. Dapat lahat ng individuals who were in that area lalo na ang security guards and CCTV footages, dapat po i-secure na yan. Kunan na po ng statement ang mga gwardiya,” he said.

Atty. Manalo quoted based on his observation to Navarro’s statement that it was clear that the incident was premeditated.

On the other hand, the Taguig PNP has initiated already an investigation but they are still waiting for a formal complaint from the camp of Navarro.

Atty. Manalo also said referring Navarro’s doctor statement that the actor is need to undergo operation to repair the bridge of his nose and he needs more time for further medical procedures.

In an interview with the “Buzz ng Bayan” on Sunday, Navarro has made an official statement regarding the incident and seeking for justice following the injuries he suffered from the said incident.

The actor also strongly denied the allegation of attempted rape to his female friend he has visited in the condo unit and insisting against his attackers set up of blackmail for him.

However, Denise Millet Cornejo filed a case against Navarro of an attempted rape which claimed provoked Cedric Lee and his camp to attack the comedian actor.


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