Halalan 2022 Coverage Presidential and Senatorial Update

The 65.7 million Filipinos are now waiting and excited for the official election result so that the new president of the Philippines is to be officially pronounced by the COMELEC. It’s a huge margin lead by the son of a Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the 2022 presidential race based on the data gathered by … Read more

Actual Video: Assault of Russia to Ukraine

Conflict of two countries is getting worse and worse till it comes to the point that Russian troops and tanks pushed into Ukraine and airstrikes hitting the country’s capital resulting more discomfort and panic of the people in the affected and stricken areas. President Vladimir Putin on Thursday said he ordered a military operation to “demilitarize and de-Nazify … Read more

Experts Compare: Omicron Variant vs Delta COVID strains

Researchers in the world went into intense research to find out the difference of the new coronavirus variant that first identified in southern Africa, the Omicron variant. Health experts has to say that people need not to panic but make sure to get vaccinated, if they can. What is the Omicron variant? First cited in … Read more