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Vhong Navarro the It’s Showtime host has been a top trending topic on Twitter on June 18 until June 19. This was after the former host Kat Alano revealed that Vhong Navarro did a malicious act against her. Alano uses the “rhymes with wrong” as a hint on social media posts regarding this issue that [...]

Top trending topic online! Host Vhong Navarro and Kat Alano are now viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Recently, Kat Alano posts on Twitter saying, “BTW,for everyone asking why I never filed.His uncle made sure that all cases against him would be dismissed.I found this out first hand.Also they have been [...]

Showtime host Vhong Navarro and long time girlfriend tied the knot currently at Japan. But the question is who is Tanya Bautista, Meet it here by watching the video. Tanya and Vhong Navarro proven their love through test of trials and time. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MtLNqC-_0BY

Showtime host Vhong Navarro and Tanya Bautista recently tied the knot on Japan this current month 2019. Tanya Bautista is the long time girlfriend of Navarro and they had proven their love at the test of time and trials. The incvited guest are Vhong showtime family and friends including Billy Crawford and John lloyd cruz [...]

Actor/Host Vhong Navarro uploaded a rumored pre-nup photos on his Instagram account. “She’ll often disagree, but at the end of it all, she will understand me,” Vhong is rumored to be tying the knot with Tanya Bautista in Japan. “Mag kamukha daw tayo sabi ng iba, ikaw daw ang babaeng version ko sabi ng iba. [...]

The Department of Justice has dismissed Deniece Cornejo’s r*pe and attempted r*pe complaints against actor Vhong Navarro. OIC-Prosecutor General SDSP Severino H. Gaña, JR. signs it. In the scan files uploaded by CNN, DOJ stated: “Wherefore, in view of the foregoing, the complaints for rape and attempted rape against respondent are hereby DISMISSED for want [...]

The controversial case between the comedian actor and TV host Vhong Navarro against model stylist Deniece Cornejo reportedly revives according to the report of the veteran broadcast journalist Tony A. Calvento. According to the report, Deniece Cornejo’s affidavit of complaint is now ready to serve and their camp expected Vhong Navarro to be arrested soon, [...]

Top trending news today, Complaint Affidavit of Deniece Cornejo was posted in the official account of Tony Calvento. “Tomorrow I will post the complaint affidavit of Deniece. She claims she was drugged.” Tony Calvento also posted that this coming week Vhong Navarro will be arrested! PEP.ph receives official statement of Atty. Alma Mallonga (legal counsel [...]

Vhong Navarro is now going to star in a role in the movie Buy Now Die Later of Quantum Films as one of the official entries in 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival. On the press conference, press asked Vhong if they already talked with his co-host Vice Ganda if what are their arrangements in their [...]

The comedian actor Vhong Navarro still fear for his life, until now he is still with his two body guards. Recently, he is spotted together with his guards even though that his rival is already in the prosecution and the case was raised in the court. On an interview he admitted that now a days [...]