Leak Video Nurse Dies After CoVid Vaccine

17 minutes after the COVID Vaccine was given, nurse collapsed! A group of reporters rushed themselves into the hospital, as doctors gave the first group of frontline workers a vaccine. One of the frontline workers was a nurse manager, Tiffany Dover from Catholic Health Initiatives Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 17 minutes after being shot by … Read more

Duterte: ‘Mga Drug Pusher Walang COVID-19 Vaccine’

President Rodrigo Duterte said on Friday that he will not vaccinated drug pushers against coronavirus disease (COVID-19). “Mga drug pusher, wala kayo,” Duterte said in a public address on Friday. According yo tje President, instead of giving the vaccines to the drug pushers, he will just give it to the poor communities. He also call … Read more

President Duterte Won’t Allow Class Opening Without Vaccine for COVID-19

President Rodrigo Duterte, releases official statement about the opening of classes that he will not allow it without the vaccine against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). In a televised address late evening on Monday, the President said he don’t want to see crowded students inside the classroom not safe against the coronavirus because there is no … Read more