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Sinulog Festival Queen 2020 Monika Afable Sells “Siakoy” to Earn and Survive Amid Pandemic Crisis

The crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic is no doubt effects individual forcing all to make their own way of survival.

Today, selling online of any kind of goods including garments and foods becomes rampant as easy way to earn money while some do their way on barter to exchange their goods with other items they wanted to get. These are acceptable today in this generation especially during the crisis and we have to pay respect to these budding entrepreneurs.

In the province of Eastern Samar, from Borongan City, Miss Sinulog 2020 Monika Afable used to sell “Siakoy” to earn money and survived the pandemic crisis.

Being a beauty queen is her advantage to sell goods. Her pretty face attracts customers in addition to her delicious “Siakoy.”


Monika is a perfect example to the youth that in spite of her titled as beauty queen she did not mind what other people would think of her as long as she is doing no wrong and she believes that what she did can inspire everyone.

In Cebuano terminology, Siakoy is made of a wheat or glutinous rice flour, deep-fried in oil and twist and form to become a doughnuts in different looks.

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