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Does Mayor Sarah Duterte Plans To Run As President This 2022 Elections?

Rumors are fast circulating on the internet and in various community that Sarah Duterte will be running as President this 2022.

There is a certain group in Facebook called Sarah For President Movement wherein it is a group who’s advocacy is to push the daughter of President Digong to run for the presidency.

Mayor Sarah Duterte

As of now we can feel that Sarah is really knocking at the door to inherit his fathers will to serve the country with no intent to abuse and to preserve the interest of the country protecting it’s people.

Some points to remember that Sarah is different from her father and who knows is she is capable or not?

But recently PRRD discourage hid daughter to forget the Presidency and to focus more on Davao because this position is so tiring, stressful and even low salary compared to generals, your salary cannot compesate your effort.

PRRD added you will be always criticize and receive negative reactions from people especially the opposition and many more.

Who knows what Sarah thinks, are you in favor of her as the next president you can freely comment in the comment section down below.

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