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Famous vloggers Ivana Alawi and Alex Gonzaga recently joined forces wherein they targeted Mona Alawi and Mama Alawi to prank them both using “Allergic Reaction”. Now it is payback time! The scenario Mama Alawi will prepared a mukbang for Alex and Mona will be incharge of questioning her sister and the actress. After few minutes [...]

Once again the Alawi siblings makes us laugh by means of funny pranking with each other and now its Monas’ time to strike back wherein she plans to prank her sister to scare her by using a clown figure. Mona prepare early in the morning to set up her plan wherein she has an idea [...]

In the latest episode of Wanted Sa Radyo Part 2 of the story that involves a certain FM station owner Willie Asuncion versus Alawi siblings and mother Fatima Alawi. It is recalled that Asuncion becomes a blind item in the program for being irresponsible and womanizer kind of person. Fatima Alawi the mother of Amira [...]

Making noise now in social media is the name Willie Asuncion the father of Amira Alawi baby the sister of well known vlogger and actress Ivana Alawi. Asuncion becomes hot in the public eyes when Fatima Alawi the mother of Amira exposes his dark secrets for being a womanizer and irresponsible father to his child [...]

Claire Gomez surfaced on social media following after the rumored issue that Ivan Alawi unfollowed DJ Loonyo on his social media account. According to the report, Claire Gomez is the reason behind that good friendship of Ivana and DJ Loonyo which tandem dubbed as “LooVana” went cold so far. But Claire clarifies that she has [...]

As we all know, Ivana Alawi is one of the most sexiest and prettiest celebrities among the faces in the industry of showbiz. Ivana is a Filipino-Morrocan actress, who is known because of her sexy body and beautiful face. She is also a model and a Youtube blogger. Recently, a Facebook user named Miss Glenda [...]

In the latest episode of Wanted Sa Radyo, the program tackles a case of being a irresponsible father not supporting his child despite of being financially stable. The complainant is Amira Alawi the sister of a famous vlogger actress Ivana Alawi and the complained is a FM station owner Mr. Willie Asuncion. Willie Asuncion According [...]

In the latest episode of Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo In Action, good vibes moment when Idol Raffy pranks a prankster Ivana Alawi. In the you can witness the actuall conversation between Ivana and an accomplice complainant who tends to be suffering from ailments due to Ivana foodpacks, where she distributed last week. According to [...]

Famous blogger Ivana Alawi recently revealed that she is in romantic relationship with rising heartthrob Dj Loonyo. Loony or Rhemuel Lunio rose to fame on his charismatic dance moves that capture the heart of every lady viewers. In the video you can witness that she and Loonyo are sweet together and they now not official [...]

Alex Gonzaga and Ivana Alawi YouTube vlog expressed various reactions from the netizens amid the COVID-19 threat. According to Alex, before she posted the vlog that she and Ivana did, she said that it was shot 3 weeks ago. However, they decided to postpone the posting because the actress-host said that “people might find it out of touch [...]