Revelation: The Man in Relationship with Ivana Alawi


Social media luminary and actress Ivana Alawi sparked a flurry of discussions across social platforms and local media upon revealing her romantic involvement with a non-showbiz individual.

This disclosure resonates with actress Bea Alonzo’s sentiments expressed in an interview, where she emphasized that one’s choice of partner need not align with their professional sphere.

This sentiment is echoed by the 27-year-old CEO of Ivan Skin, who also disclosed her preference for a partner outside the entertainment industry, citing personal reasons such as relationship jealousy.

During an interview, Ivana candidly acknowledged her relationship with a person unrelated to showbiz, underlining her lack of requirement for her partner to have ties to the entertainment world.

Subsequently, online speculation surged, with many linking Ivana to a political icon Bacolod City Mayor Albee Benitez.

Showbiz reporter Ogie Diaz added fuel to the fire by reporting sightings of Ivana and Benitez together in Japan and Baguio City, thereby intensifying the rumors.

Moreover, an entertainment portal contributed to the speculation by attempting to establish a connection between the two, particularly after the mayor publicly declared the end of his marriage.

Nevertheless, the wife of the Bacolod City mayor refuted claims of their separation, denying the allegations initially reported about their marital split.

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