FULL VIDEO: Ivana Alawi As The Third Wheel Of Hash and Alexis went Viral


Ivana Alawi joins with her brother Hash and his girlfriend Alexis as their third wheel on a date in a recent vlog.

In a previous video, he welcomed his girlfriend, Alexis. They’ve been dating for nine months, and she was immediately welcomed by Hash’s sisters and mother.

Hash Alawi is the brother of Ivana Alawi, an actress. He observed her progress on YouTube. Viewers learnt regarding his wonderful personality, and as a result, he attracted a large number of admirers.

Ivana recently joined them on one of their dates as the third wheel.

Ivana and Alexis are clearly close, and she adores her. Alexis has a bright vibe and a cheerful attitude. She can simply go with the flow and adapt to the camera since she appears to have an interesting personality.

Ivana stated in the video that Alexis is nice, witty, and generous. She enjoys presenting gifts to both their brother and them.

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