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Presidential daughter and the Mayor of Davao City Inday Sara Duterte surprised the netizens with her new haircut. The Davao City Government’s Facebook page shared a photo of Davao City Mayor Sara’s new look as she attended a council meeting. Even though some have seen her short hair, others can’t help but say her new [...]

A honest gasoline girl in Davao city returned a bag with a cash with almost 200,000 pesos inside and a key inside. The gasoline pump named Abegail Degamo stated last night she found a bag and when she opened it, she was surprised that there was a big amout of money inside. Instead of keeping [...]

Top Trending topic online! Davao City improves its ranking in the world’s safest city list, according to the latest data released by crowd-sourcing survey site Numbeo.com. Davao City is under observation of Mayor Duterte who currently rumored for running President in 2016 election. Last month, Davao City is in ninth-place ranking last month and now [...]