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Davao Region COVID-19 Cases Rose from 6 to 48 Cases in Just a Matter of Hours

The number of COVID-19 cases in the Davao region has risen from 6 to 48 patients just on the weekend. As of the Department of Health (DOH) on Monday (March 30).

Davao City has the highest number of confirmed cases. It was after a report that 40 patients were tested and it showed that the patient’s results was positive for the COVID-19. As of the report, out of the 40 cases, 4 had died and 4 had recovered.

Based on the record of the Health officials, three cases were confirmed in Davao del Norte, both in Davao del Sur and Davao Oriental had also two cases, and one in Davao de Oro.

The first COVID-19 case in the region is Patient PH130 from Pantukan town, Davao de Oro, it was also the first to have recovered.

After the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine was certified for independent COVID-19 testing, the Southern Philippines Medical Center can now use its own lab and testing facilities.

As of now, the whole region is on lockdown and the travels were prohibited.

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