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Hot: Honest Gasoline Pump Girl Return A Bag With 200k Inside In Davao City

A honest gasoline girl in Davao city returned a bag with a cash with almost 200,000 pesos inside and a key inside.

The gasoline pump named Abegail Degamo stated last night she found a bag and when she opened it, she was surprised that there was a big amout of money inside.

Instead of keeping silent and keep the money the honest gasoline girl decided to go to a tv network station and return it.

Degamo noted “the money must be return because in the first place she did not own it and worked for it”.

Meanwhile hours later the owner of the bag arrived in the name of Cheryl Apilan a staff of student affairs in Davao and noted that the money will be used in intramurals of their schools.

Apilan was so very happy about Degamos honesty and really what to see her in person to give her sincere gratitude towards the gasoline girl.

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