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Watch here the origin of NCOV or Novel Corona Virus , this epidemic started on Wuhan China wherein it because a world scare. According to World Health Organization this virus is so deadly wherein no vaccine had been invented yet to eliminate this harmful micro organism. Related Diseases: SARS- “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome” originated from [...]

Watch a terrifying sink hole swallows a bus and kills 6 in China. According to reports the incident happened in the northwest area of China seconds before the accidents people are seen roaming around as if nothing is happening and innocent for thr danger is coming. But seconds after the bus is seen swallowed by [...]

A horrifying and mysteriois epidemic disease is really rampant now in China. According to Wuhan health commission the primary sysmptoms of the disease is fever, difficulty of breathing and abnormal findings in chest X ray, they said it is like a flu or pneumonia but it is more critical and fatal because it has no [...]

Watch:Huawei New Operating System See How Its Works Here

Another milestone for Chinese Tech giant Huawei as it releases its first Operating System “Harmony OS”. According to Chief Executive George Zhao the new operating system will be marketed by its subsidiary brand Honor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP4xsZf7od0 Huawei proves that even America cannot stop them for being a well-known smart phone manufacturer around the globe. As recalled [...]

Shocking news occurred in China wherein a certain patient goes to the doctors and complained a feeling of dizziness. The school boys name was Xiabo Chien, after the boy suffers some impairment on his health his mother took him to the nearest hospital to see a medical physician. After a series of test the boy [...]