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China Communist party members were considered “Ban to travel” in the USA

Travel restrictions were imposed by President Trump, further sanctions were possible and Beijing vowing relation.

New York Times stated that citing four people familiar with proposed USA travel ban could be applicable to 92 Million party list members.

The ban would be similar to the 2017 travel ban on Muslim-majority countries in the president the ability to prevent foreign national deemed banning them and labeled them as harmful to enter in the USA.

Huawei employees and other business partners were threatened a sanction by the US. Tensions rises between two companies and countries, Beijing and Hong Kong were considered as security threat by US.

According to the China’s Liaison in Hong Kong, Unreasonable meddling and shameless threats by the United States are typical gangster logic and bullying.  And he also added “No external force can stop China’s determination to maintain national sovereignty and security for Hong Kong’s long-term prosperity and stability.”

The current US administration has an abnormal worship of its own power .To what extent is the US willing to hurt itself to harm Hong Kong? No matter what card the US will play next, China will fight it to the end this was stated mouthpiece the Global Times said in an editorial, it was published on Wednesday night.

USA and China were mimicking the action of each other, in regards of the media outlets, goods. Pompeo declared such claims as illegal because they were siding with south-east Asian countries against the China’s capital.

Chinese officials involved in alleged human rights violations in Xinjiang after the US imposed sanctions, Beijing announced its own set of sanctions on US lawyers and officials. China also stated that it would sanctions US arm firm Lockheed Martin because of its role as the latest missiles were sold to Taiwan.

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