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US Lawyer Sued China $20 Trillion; Coronavirus Is a Bioweapon

Larry Klayman an American Lawyer said, there is only one culprit for the pandemic – China.

Recalling, coronavirus was believed that have come from viruses of wild bats. But the American lawyer Klayman doesn’t believe in that.

Freedom watch and Texas firm were Klayman advocacy group. They filed a lawsuit against China. Claiming that the country created their bioweapon purposely to unleash the world.

With that, American groups filed complaints against the Chinese government, Army, Wuhan Institute of Virology and its director – Shi Zhengli, and the Army’s Major General Chen Wei.

China Sued For $20 Trillion In Damages Due To Coronavirus Pandemic
Image from: Vox

Based on a report from Business Today, the complainant sued China for $20 Trillion in damages. Moreover, they accused the nation of aiding and conspiring in the deaths of US citizens.

In addition, the Israeli biological warfare analysts said that the outbreak may be linked to biological weapons. He said that the coronavirus could have come from a laboratory in Wuhan affiliated with China’s covert biological weapons program.

The complainant claimed all defendants in the case have persuaded to encourage the “International Terrorism“. Moreover, they claimed that the virus was “designed” to release the general population of China’s enemy nations such as the United States.

The coronavirus pandemic has infected over 721, 902 worldwide. Also, the virus caused 33,965 fatalities with 151,128 recovering from the virus.

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