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A 15-metre (49-foot) tsunami caused by a massive volcanic eruption hit Tonga last week, destroying homes and killing at least three people, according to the government of the island nation. The administration claimed in its first public statement on Saturday’s tragedy that it was a “unprecedented disaster” that one community was completely destroyed while several [...]

MANILA, Philippines — Following rumors of a love triangle involving her and co-stars Andrea Brillantes and Seth Federlin, Kapamilya actress Francine Diaz emphasized that she is not currently in a relationship to Seth Federlin. The Gold Squad members had become a social media sensation last week after observant social media users discovered Andrea and Francine [...]

HONGKONG – After 11 of the small rodents tested positive for the coronavirus in a pet shop in Hong Kong, authorities have urged pet businesses and owners to give over close to 2,000 hamsters for culling. Importation of small animals has also been halted throughout the region.  Two groups of hamsters, which originated in the [...]

On tuesday night at Kumalarang, Zamboanga del Sur policemen blocked the truck that contains P1 million worth of smuggled cigarettes, they confiscated 30 boxes of Gudang Baru cigarettes that came from Indonesia and the confiscated items are now in the custody of the Kumalarang Municipal Station. When the truck’s driver, Albert Bulalon, and helper, Anthony [...]

France: Omicron Virus New Cases

In the recent week, an average of 282,358 cases per day were reported in France. Comparing two weeks ago, the number of cases has climbed by 69 percent. The number of deaths has fallen by 4%. At least one out of every five people in the country has been sick, with a total of 14,288,800 [...]

Top Tourist Attraction in Hinoba-an

In Hinoba-an, Brazaville Beach Resort offers a restaurant, bar, communal lounge, and garden. A barbecue is available to visitors at this motel, which also has family rooms. There is free private parking, and the resort also offers vehicle rental for visitors who want to explore the region. All rooms at the resort include a private [...]

Rhamayzee Milann Caporas, a Facebook user, uploaded heartbreaking photographs of a poor old grandfather who walked many kilometers to photocopy his ID. The post triggered a different reaction from the internet community. Caporas was delivering relief items to farmers in Cauayan, Negros Occidental, when she came across tatay Semion Villamera, an 80-year-old man. The elderly [...]

The Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) or what we call the Artificial Sun is going five times hotter than the real sun. The main goal of producing the “Artificial Sun” device is to provide near-infinite clean energy by reproducing natural cycles in stars. During the experiments, the artificial sun reaches 70,000,000C according to the Xinhua [...]

Bilibid Escapee Killed in Muntinlupa

On January 17 at New Bilibid Prison (NBP) one of the three prisoners who escaped was killed during Manhunt Operations by authorities. Pacifico Adlawan, aged of 49, and a Native of Surigao was Identified by the Muntinlupa Police and the prisoner was in fatal, this prisoner was serving his sentence by drug use and frustrated [...]

Quezon City- A raging man at Quezon City with a baseball bat gets violent and tries to hit pedestrians with an unknown reason. Along Roosevelt Avenue two pedestrians are caught in CCTV Footage heading to a mall when a raging man gets violent and tries to hit the two innocent people without any reason. One [...]