Top 5 coolest basketball YouTube bloggers according to 1xBet


The global betting company 1xBet reveals the most popular channels that will teach you how to dunk, help to learn new tricks, and show how to beat NBA stars. 

The NBA finals are watched by millions of viewers in different countries worldwide. The league is open to the fans, and its star players produce a lot of popular content. However, there are channels on YouTube whose creators can rival the views of the most spectacular NBA game highlights. Are you ready to learn more about the other side of basketball? Below is 1xBet’s analysis from extraordinary bloggers talking about our favorite game.

Professor Live

The Professor’s channel was created by one of the most famous basketball players who never played in the NBA. The street courts and the star team of streetball players show AND1 legend, the Professor, has attracted attention for over 20 years with his incredible dribbling and ability to show why people love basketball so much. 

Grayson Boucher (this is the Professor’s real name) is only 173 cm tall, but it does not prevent him from being one of the most technical basketball players and regularly beating taller opponents. The Professor’s channel rise began with a video of what Spider-Man would look like on a basketball court. However, he rarely changes clothes – after all, the sport was invented for ordinary people, not superheroes.

When fans ask, “Is the Professor an American blogger?” we can say that he has long gone beyond the borders of one country.” And when players want to know, “Is 1xBet owned by Russia?”, the correct answer is no. The company was licensed in Curacao, the international licensing centre for the iGaming industry, operates on all continents and is headquartered in the European Union.

Pure Sweat Basketball

A channel launched by Drew Hanlen, the Pure Sweat Basketball company creator. The detailed 1xbet Casino Review helps players select predictions for certain sports or gambling games, while videos from Pure Sweat Basketball provide a better understanding of how basketball works. There, you can see how to improve your skills with the help of a training program used by professional basketball players and NBA stars – Zach LaVine, Bradley Beal or Joel Embiid.

If you want to understand Is 1xBet a legit website?, you can get detailed information on the company’s website or app and read reviews from other users. If you want to learn how to shoot, defend, and reach your 100% potential, you should check out the Pure Sweat Basketball videos.


And speaking of NBA stars, how can we ignore their greatest parodist? B Dot is a basketball fan who can perfectly reproduce the NBA players’ moves and shots. Even Kobe Bryant laughed at his jokes, let alone the audience.

Also, B Dot is not shy about posting videos of his participation in basketball show matches. He is always ready to laugh at his mistakes and comment on his game’s reviews – even in 1xBet casino, it is impossible to win all the time.

Tristan Jass

Another short basketball fan who communicates on equal terms with Stephen Curry, James Harden, or Jayson Tatum. Videos of challenges with these players can be found on Tristan’s channel. He can also be seen at various basketball-related events – from the draft combine, where the NBA candidates’ performance is measured, to college teams’ matches. Is it safe to withdraw money from 1xBet? As reliable as watching Tristan Jass videos and knowing you’ll learn something new.

Jordan Kilganon

This guy is called the world’s best dunker. Yes, he does not play in the NBA, although his height is comparable to that of the famous Chris Paul, but he can make slam dunks that many league stars can only dream of. He can jump over a person, bounce the ball under his foot, and even touch the basketball backboard’s top edge. It is not surprising that Jordan was specially invited to perform in the show program dedicated to the NBA All-Star Game.

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