VIRAL: Police Investigate ‘Pungent’ Smell as Lechon Left in Car Mistaken for Corpse


The Las Piñas City Police, responding to a concerned call, recently encountered an unusual situation involving a mysterious and musty smell emanating from a parked car. Initially, many in the vicinity speculated that the odor might be linked to a potential crime scene, suspecting it to be a dead body concealed within the vehicle. The community’s alarm prompted a swift response from the Philippine National Police (PNP), who quickly arrived at the scene to investigate the reported incident.

To their surprise, the police discovered that the source of the pungent smell was not a crime but rather a case of mistaken identity. Upon inspecting the vehicle, it was revealed that a lechon, a popular Filipino roasted pig, had been left unattended in the trunk. The misunderstanding, fueled by the strong aroma characteristic of the delicacy, provided a lighthearted twist to what initially seemed like a more serious situation. The PNP officers handled the situation with humor and professionalism, ensuring public safety while defusing any concerns about potential foul play.

The comical turn of events did not go unnoticed, as photos of the cordoned-off car and the revelation of the lechon’s role in the incident were shared by ABS-CBN News. The images quickly went viral, garnering attention and amusement on social media platforms. This curious incident serves as a reminder that sometimes, what appears to be a grave matter can turn out to be an unexpected, humorous anecdote, showcasing the unpredictable nature of daily life and the commendable response of law enforcement in handling unusual situations.

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