Agot at Rona LGBTS Wedding Ceremony actual Video of Exchanging Vows


Agot and Rona’s recent marriage in Tagum City, Davao del Norte, has stirred significant attention among netizens this week.

The actual ceremony held under a Christian church in the Philippines caught on camera and uploaded on social media sparked a heated discussion, particularly regarding the issue of sämë-sëx marriage, which clashes with traditional church teachings.

Many netizens expressed strong emotions, reflecting the religious sensitivity surrounding the topic. Despite this, there was also a notable show of support and well-wishes, with some even encouraging other LGBTS couples to consider marriage.

The post gained widespread attention, drawing hundreds of thousands of views and comments, prompting both religious leaders and government officials to engage in discussions about the matter, given that sämë-sëx marriage is not yet fully recognized in the country.

Watch this actual video where the two exchanging their vows:

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