Robert Alejandro’s Caregiver ‘Sinimot’ his P3M life savings


Former TV host and graphic artist Robert Alejandro has sounded an alarm regarding a distressing situation involving his caregiver, who allegedly callously depleted his life savings amounting to P3 million. The disheartening revelation came directly from Alejandro, who took to his social media account to bring attention to this unfortunate incident.

The disclosure not only sheds light on the alleged financial betrayal experienced by the former TV personality but also serves as a cautionary tale about the vulnerability that individuals may face, even in seemingly trusting relationships. The public acknowledgment of such a personal hardship underscores the importance of vigilance and transparency in caregiver arrangements, prompting reflection on the challenges that individuals like Alejandro may encounter in their personal lives.

“BABALA SA PUBLIKO: Protektahan po natin ang ating mga mahal sa buhay,” he wrote.

“I am blessed to know that the truest treasures are friends and family that show unconditional love.

This I learned as I live with terminal colon cancer, and this December, my caregiver (Deo E. Angeles) stole all of my life savings and more …”—— Robert Alejandro, artist.

“At that time, kinailangan ko na ng caregiver kasi maraming kailangang gawin sa mga tubo nga. So, meron kaming doctor na kakilala, ni-recommend ‘yung isang caregiver pangalan niya si Deo, so siyempre, wala kaming kamalay-malay, tiwala kami,” he told to ABS-CBN news reporter.

Unbeknownst to him, within just two months, Robert Alejandro’s caregiver, Angeles, purportedly gained access to his cell phone and siphoned off funds amounting to P3 million from his bank accounts. The gravity of the situation became apparent to the popular artist when, on December 17, he received a notification indicating an online transaction that he hadn’t authorized. This revelation deepens the sense of betrayal and underscores the stealth with which the alleged financial exploitation occurred. Alejandro’s disclosure serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities individuals may face in the realm of digital transactions, urging heightened awareness and security measures to protect against such unauthorized access and financial misconduct.

“Nagka-notification ako sa phone na mayroon daw akong binili from Amazon, eh wala naman akong ginawang ganon. So, tumawag ako kaagad sa bangko ko.”

In a shocking discovery, Alejandro’s family found that nearly P3 million had gone missing from his account, leading to a revelation that pointed directly at his caregiver as the sole individual responsible for the financial breach. As the police delved into the investigation, it was unveiled that funds from the former TV host’s bank account had been transferred to two separate accounts. Further intensifying the betrayal, it was revealed that Alejandro’s hard-earned life savings were systematically funneled into the e-sabong account of the alleged exploitative caregiver.

Prompt action was taken by authorities as the suspect faced charges of qualified theft in the fiscal proceedings initiated on December 20. While the legal process unfolds, ongoing investigations are aimed at determining whether the caregiver had accomplices in this distressing financial exploitation. For those less acquainted with Alejandro, he is a highly regarded artist and production designer associated with the renowned stationary and eco-friendly gift shop, Papemelroti, adding a layer of public interest and concern to this unfortunate incident.

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