FULL VIDEO: Sara Duterte Ignored by Liza Marcos During PBBM’s Send-off Now Viral


First Lady Liza Marcos snubbed Vice President Sara Duterte during President Bongbong Marcos Jr.’s departure ceremony.

In a widely shared video, the first lady snubbed Duterte, who was standing next to Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin, as she greeted him before boarding a flight.

Due to the insults that the Dutertes and Marcoses have been exchanging, they are currently trending on the internet. This came after PBBM was called a “drug addict” by former President Rodrigo Duterte during a prayer rally.

However, PBBM denied Duterte’s statements, speculating that his comments could be a side effect of his medication. The president’s name is not on the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency’s “watchlist,” which the agency further denied.

Meanwhile, a video showing the first lady ignoring the vice president has gone viral and received different feedback from online users. The president walked up to Duterte at the send-off ceremony for Marcos at Villamor Airbase and greeted him politely. The first lady, however, snubbed the vice president and kept walking across the airport tarmac.

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