Young Boy Predicts Mt. Kanlaon Eruption in Negros


A young boy has allegedly predicted the eruption of Mt. Kanlaon in Negros, stirring both curiosity and concern among locals. The boy’s prediction has garnered significant attention, with many residents and authorities closely monitoring the volcano for any signs of activity. This intriguing development has added a layer of mystique to the already unpredictable nature of volcanic eruptions.

Recently, Facebook user Ross Espartero Mejica shared how her child’s eerie prediction about Mt. Kanlaon came true. The post quickly went viral, eliciting strong reactions from netizens.

On the afternoon of June 3, 2024, Mejica and her family were traveling home from La Castellana when their vehicle suddenly had a flat tire, forcing them to stop by the roadside. As they waited for the tire to be fixed, they admired the scenic view of Mt. Kanlaon.

Ross described how they all stood by the car, enjoying the beauty of the volcano with its distinct cone shape and glowing summit. It was then that her child, Yoyo, made a startling statement.

Yoyo: Ma! Malupok bala ang Volcano.

(Seryoso sya gahambal while ga tulok sa bulkan)

Me: Oohh?? Paano mo nahambal, ging hambalan yaka nga malupok na sya haw?

(Ga smile2 pa ko siya)

(nag tulok sya sa akon kag nag sabat)

Yoyo: Oo ma

(kag ga sad face sya)

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