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              Click the image to see it in full view. Once you look at the picture closely, the image itself will stir you up and drive your feelings to come and experience walking along the beautiful highway of powdered-like white sand beach in Boracay. No wonder Boracay remains to [...]

Regency Lagoon Resort

              Regency’s Lagoon Café considered the best of all dinning outlet in Boracay Island. This feature of Regency Lagoon Resort caters all visitors dinning needs with the best and well-arrange elegant dining table and dishes during your entire stay. Plus factor the good ambiance in the poolside that gives [...]

Swimming Pool Boracay Island

  Regency Lagoon is the biggest lagoon-swimming pool in Boracay Island measuring about 1,200 square meters. This feature would be one of the most attracttour of the Regency Lagoon Resort. The Regency Lagoon is visible from all rooms of the hotel. This serves as private retreat to all visitors especially when the long white sand [...]

Regency Lagoon Resort Boracay

                      Come and experience the paradise-like place in Boracay Island. Spending money and time to relax and enjoy this place is incomparable. The experience of walking into the highway of sugar-like-white-sand and the crystal clear waters would be one of your best experiences that cannot [...]

Regency Hotel Boracay

Boracay white sand beach is composed of three stations namely: Station1, Station2 and Station3.  Among many beautiful hotels in Boracay Island, the Regency Hotel is one of the hotels that have the widest beach front in the island and it is located in Station2. The Grand Staircase of Regency Hotel which is facing the beachfront [...]

Boracay Beach Resort is the Word’s Best Island

Boracay Beach Resort

The 4 kilometer long refined-sugar-like-sand and the crystal clear water of Boracay Island were the most typical attractour in the province of Aklan, Philippines. As you click to enlarge the image, you will notice how pleasing to the eyes and desirable is the place to dwell together with love ones. Because of its magnificent and [...]

Boracay White Sand and Crystal Clear Water

Boracay Beach White Sand

Boracay Island is located at Western Visayas, Philippines. The island is best known of its refined-sugar-like- sand of about 4-kilometers long seashore with a crystal clear water in which Boracay became popular marking as one of the finest beach of the world and number 1 in Asia. Most of the visitors have visited and experienced [...]

Boracay Beach

When someone speaks about beaches Boracay a small island in Caticlan province of Aklan, Philippines is one usually comes out to mention. Boracay impressed me so much because of its splendor. I remembered when I was walking along the 4-kilometers long refined-sugar-like- sand and the sun rays gives life and reveal its grandeur. I said [...]

Top trending topic online! Heaven Peralejo and Kiko Estrada caught holding hands are now viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Recently, Heaven and Kiko vacation at Boracay. Heaven Peralejo & Kiko Estrada ‘Dating’ in Boracay? The supporters and fans notice the different photos but the same place in Boracay. Heaven denied [...]

Top trending topic online! JM De Guzman travel with best friend Arci Muñoz in Boracay Island for a “much-needed getaway.” The actor uploaded a picture with Arci Muñoz went viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMd81V8l6C8/?utm_source=ig_embed Meanwhile, According to Arci Instagram posts, “Much needed getaway with loved ones, like old days, [...]