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Boracay Island is Best Tourist Destination in the Philippines

Boracay Beach

Boracay white sand is the one attract most in the place

When someone speaks about beaches Boracay a small island in Caticlan province of Aklan, Philippines is one usually comes out to mention. Boracay impressed me so much because of its splendor. I remembered when I was walking along the 4-kilometers long refined-sugar-like- sand and the sun rays gives life and reveal its grandeur. I said to myself “Oh this is the place I wanted most in my life to dwell in.” Imagine, within a few moments I stayed there, it made me relax, unwind and regain my strength from all very stressful work as a daily routine in life.

Plus factor are the foods of different cuisines like Korean, Italian, French, Thai and Filipino taste which are very accommodating to all tourist and foreigners coming to the place of Boracay. Most of the restaurants are just a few steps because they are situated along the white beach of the island seashore.

These are the main reasons that attract most of the tourist in all over the world.

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