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Summer fever is in the air, do you have any plans where to spend the rest of your vacation. If yes then try to watch this video and maybe your mind will change and if no this is a must watch video for you. Normally rest and recreation is needed by our body to rejuvenate, [...]

Professional serenade contestant of “The Voice Philippines,” Jason Dy once again impressed coaches and studio audience on Sunday, February 15, 2015 with his stunning performance of the South Border’s hit “Kahit Kailan.” During his performance, Jason hit the highest note of the song the reason for him to capture the heart of the text-viewers that [...]

Tarsier in Bohol, Philippines

Tarsier, Bohol Philippines

                    Visitors coming from Bohol have a beautiful experience of seeing the popular small and shy animal called “Tarsier.” Tarsiers are small animals that usually measures about 85-160 millimeters or 3.35-6.30 in height and the mass is around 80-60g or 2.8 – 5.6oz for male and [...]

Philippine’s Best Tourist Destination

El Nido, Palawan,

                    This article will guide you where to go and spend your holiday in the Philippines. If you wish to explore the country’s best tourist destination just simply click available links to the corresponding tourist spot mentioned here. If you want to visit the best tourists [...]

Campuestohan Highland Resort

                  Visiting to the Campuestohan Highland Resort is just like giving your children a total satisfaction during vacation day. Campuestohan Highland Resort has new amenities for children’s enjoyment where they can play together with their friends and new conversant. Your children have a lot of things to [...]

Old City Hall of Bacolod City

Bacolod City Old City Hall

                  The Old City Hall of Bacolod is the City’s oldest land mark. It is located within the heart of the city of smile. Before the construction of the New Government Center in the east part of the city, the city mayor held office in this building [...]

Check Inn Pension Arcade Bacolod City

Check Inn Bacolod

                One of the most convenient Inns to stay in the City of Smile is the place that you can easily access all of the city’s finest spots in just a walk away.  Check Inn Pension Arcade is located in the heart of the city just right next [...]

Pagudpud Beach

                  Pagudpud is known to have the longest highway of white sand with huge waves and tough wind. This is the place in the Philippines that can compare Hawaii. Added to the beautiful highway of white sand and clear blue water, Pagudpud is surrounded with many tourists’ [...]


              Click the image to see it in full view. Once you look at the picture closely, the image itself will stir you up and drive your feelings to come and experience walking along the beautiful highway of powdered-like white sand beach in Boracay. No wonder Boracay remains to [...]

Boracay Beach Resort is the Word’s Best Island

Boracay Beach Resort

The 4 kilometer long refined-sugar-like-sand and the crystal clear water of Boracay Island were the most typical attractour in the province of Aklan, Philippines. As you click to enlarge the image, you will notice how pleasing to the eyes and desirable is the place to dwell together with love ones. Because of its magnificent and [...]