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Recent “Selfie” photo taken during the pageant preparation in Miami featuring the Israeli beauty queen Doron Matalon and Miss Lebanon Saly Greige who appeared on the said photo smiling together caught the attention of the Lebanese netizen. The said “Selfie” photo of Miss Doron Matalon and Miss Saly Greige smiling together drew flack in Lebanon [...]

Pool Bar: Regency Lagoon Resort Boracay Island

Pool Bar Regency Lagoon

            Pool Bar of Regency Lagoon Resort is the perfect feature for you to unwind and get refresh. This sunken Pool Bar is surrounded by water but from here you can order cocktails and other favorite drinks and light snacks while you can see the sunlight and feel the cool [...]

Swimming Pool Boracay Island

  Regency Lagoon is the biggest lagoon-swimming pool in Boracay Island measuring about 1,200 square meters. This feature would be one of the most attracttour of the Regency Lagoon Resort. The Regency Lagoon is visible from all rooms of the hotel. This serves as private retreat to all visitors especially when the long white sand [...]

Regency Hotel Boracay

Boracay white sand beach is composed of three stations namely: Station1, Station2 and Station3.  Among many beautiful hotels in Boracay Island, the Regency Hotel is one of the hotels that have the widest beach front in the island and it is located in Station2. The Grand Staircase of Regency Hotel which is facing the beachfront [...]