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It can be seen that a lot of videos online circulating on any media sites that shows how a snake both local and may be world wide breed it have can mercilessly knocked out its prey. This film and video will show us that you can clearly see how these gigantic snakes horrifyingly attacked people [...]

Incredible Closer Look Of A Giant Sunfish!

The long deep ocean is a huge place, where lots and lots of more incredible and unkwonwn creatures are hidden. They are like a sands that hides in the ocean below. A few of brave and lucky divers were lucky enough to witness and swim with one of the known gigantic sunfish that was found [...]

Caves Into Majestic Place by Ra Paulette!

Ra Paulette who is an American cave sculptor had given his entire life to sculpting the hillsides of the mountains and turn it into wonderful and majestic places. He didn’t have the chance to go to formal school but when talks about architecture, engineering and even sculpture he will mesmerize you saying that he just [...]

Conde Nast Traveler has finally launched it’s 2015 list of best islands in the world and Yes! a three places in the Philippines had made it to the top! According to the survey of Conde Nast Traveler’s readers, the list was all based from nearby Caribbean beachers to far flung islands in Southeast Asia. To [...]

Poor Little Boy Living in Pig Pens and Being Abuse

The status of children in the world who are maltreated and highly abuse are increasing and making ranks every year and now and then. More parents are abusing and making their kids suffer in famine and sickness with nothing to do. One of this is the 7-year old boy named Liu Hongbo from Qingfeng County [...]

Filipinos are excited starting next week which they can add another go-to coffee place of their list. Costa Coffee is a British multinational coffeehouse company headquartered in Dunstable, England and a wholly subsidiary of Whitbread. It is the largest coffeehouse chain in the world behind Starbucks and the largest in the United Kingdom. Costa Coffee [...]

Top trending topic online! We all know that the Philippines has 7, 107 islands that makes the country interesting to visit and live. Hundreds of which offers fascinating and  unique attractions such as  beautiful beaches, beautiful mountain views, and postcard-worthy spots but there were still undiscovered tourists spot in the country. Advocacy group Black Pencil [...]

Known as one of the couple in showbiz, Zanjoe Marudo confesses that it has been a challenge to the couple to get together because of hectic and scheduled time with her longtime girlfriend Bea Alonzo since they are busy with their own and prior projects. When they have breaks form work, the couple goes on traveling. They have [...]

Latest updates! State weather bureau PAGASA announce that seven areas in the Philippines are now under in Signal No.1 as Typhoon Dodong (International Name: NOUL) which is maintained its strength as it continues to move in the general direction of Eastern Luzon, last 11pm on Thursday, May 7, 2015. According to PAGASA, the public storm [...]

Top trending topic online! You must visit the most beautiful branch of the coffee chain Starbucks in the country when you are heading south this Holy Week. This is the best place to unwind; you might drop at Twin Lakes, Megaworld’s vineyard resort community in Tagaytay. In the picture below, the two-level coffee shop offers a [...]