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Xian Gaza, the social media personality and also known as a con-artist has posted a photo of Francis Leo Marcos or Norman Mngusin inside the prison. His revelations gathers elicits comments from the social media. Xian Gaza was also one of the wealthy people in the country. That even the businessman and controversial Francis Leo Marcos [...]

Xian Gaza, the social media personality and also known as a con-artist has posted a shocking revelations about Francis Leo Marcos. His revelations gathers elicits comments from the socmed. Recalling, Francis Leo Marcos became one of the most controversial personalities on Television and on social media. This was after he was arrested by the authorities due [...]

Xian Gaza regrets buying Mustang for Nadine Lustre?

Famous Internet personality Xian Gaza shows regression from buying Mustang as Valentine’s gift for Nadine Lustre after he sees this recent photo. As we remember before the Valentines day Xian Gaza, the famous personality and businessman that is known for scam activities have gained online reports after giving his grand gift for Nadine Lustre. Gaza [...]

Christian Albert “Xian” Gaza felt disappointed upon seeing the photo of him used by the Philippine Star to pair with the young actress Nadine Lustre. In a report of the Philippine Star headline news, Xian appeared offering a Valentine’s gift of a Mustang Sport Car to Nadine Lustre, but what makes the businessman disappointed is [...]

Nadine Lustre is now single and free after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend James Reid. After her ending her love story with the actor, Nadine, as she said earlier will focus on her career and personal growing to become more matured individual. While she doesn’t want to be in the market for another love affair, [...]

PHOTOS: Xian Gaza Went Viral Photos Insides Prison

Christian Albert “Xian” Gaza surrendered to the Malabon City police after two (2) Malabon courts ordered his arrest over a P2.6 million investment scam. Gaza went viral in social media when he asked Actress Erich Gonzales to have a coffee date. Gaza two victims named Melinda Cruz and Jaime Asuncion, they talked to radio station [...]

With all the gravity fuses against him, Xian Gaza humbly admitted his mistakes that he is undergoing a public trial that in which he said still on-going. He also indicated that not all the accusations against him are true because it was just a black propaganda to destroy his character. He also connecting to his [...]

Xian Gaza is still making round in the online world following after the issues of making himself popular after inviting Erich Gonzales to have a coffee through a huge billboard poster as a form of his courting the actress. This move of Xian Gaza caught the attention of the netizen and many of Erich Gonzales [...]

Another post from Brandon Calvilo that caught the attention of the netizen. In his post followed the caption “YES I’m a former scammer.” The Twitter and Facebook was flooded with comments and mixed reactions following the issue against Xian Gaza. Also appeared online the billboard picture of controversies. Here are the captions that also appeared [...]

Now Trending! Billboard Guy named Xian Gaza now invites Jovit Baldivino to have coffee. Gaza posted it through his Facebook Account, “Jovit Baldivino broddie kamusta? Will you drink coffee with me? Gaza is making rounds in social media through his effort to invite Erich Gonzales through billboard to have coffee. Netizens and mother of Ella [...]