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Kuya Lakay, a parol vendor, shared his dismay and frustration in Facebook as his supposed to be parol (christmas lantern) buyer ditched his products worth 100k. Actress and fashion icon Heart Evangelista was also angry with Kuya Lakay’s bogus buyer. The actress can’t help but express her anger in twitter as she tweeted, “Who ordered [...]

A message from a netizen pushing Heart Evangelista to have here own baby has created a noise on social media where the actress responded with words of enlightenment about the most important thing in life instead of firing back with evil against evil. In our generation today, it seems normal to reply evil against evil [...]

Actress Heart Evangelista shared a throwback photo with her mom on her Instagram. The photo catches the attention of netizens due to her similarity with her mother Cecile Ongpauco. Recently, the actress posted a childhood photo of her together with her mom and sister, netizens notice the similarity of her resemblance to her and her [...]

Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Escudero had finally seen each other for quite a long time. Heart posted a photo of them together with a caption “At long last! @escuderochiz. [heart emoji]” https://www.instagram.com/p/CB9ZwDzJRsE/ While Heart Evangelista misses his husband, Chiz was very busy managing and implementing the quarantine guidelines in Sorsogon as a governor. Back [...]

Alessandra de Rossi defends Heart Evangelista from bashers. She is the sister of Asunta de Rossi and she is known for her movie Kita Kita. https://www.instagram.com/p/CAe80PqJFXo/?igshid=6g04ddi62fqb She tweeted “Huy. Tigilan nyo si Heart. Napakadaming ng natutulugan at napapasaya nya. Mga simpleng bagay, pero sa sobrang dami, ay hindi na rin simple yun. Tulungan nyo rin [...]

Heart Evangelista is known for her great fashion sense and her iconic luxuries. She is married to Chiz Escudero, and she is a stepmom of two. https://www.instagram.com/p/CAjSBbdH8-Q/?igshid=1wq3n5wqbva3l One netizen tweeted that she is disappointed with Heart. “Disappointed with Heart Evangelista.” the netizen wrote. https://twitter.com/docarvie/status/1268456698303246337 Apparently, the netizen appeared to be a doctor. Based on her [...]

Celebrity Heart Evangelista announced on her Twitter account that she will give out tablets to those who don’t have computers at home. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_oDuFmptiL/?igshid=tlw8d0orkdba “For those who don’t have tablets for online school please dm me on ig… I will be giving away as much tablets as I can” she tweeted. https://twitter.com/heart021485/status/1268451139642511360 Heart also posted a [...]

Celebrity and Senator’s wife Heart Evangelista has continued her way of helping others amid the pandemic, as she is also going to give away tablets to those students who don’t have one to use for online schooling. Heart Evangelista, is a Filipina actress, TV host, visual media artist, philanthropist, and socialite. She is the married [...]

Heart Evangelista is one of the most famous celebrities in the Philippines. She is also a fashion icon with a great taste when it comes to clothing. Heart and Chiz have been married since the year 2015. https://www.instagram.com/p/CARlWLVnV3j/?igshid=bpc2n6uvsg9 Kapuso Star Heart Evangelista posted a picture of herself together with her husband, Chiz Escudero. She wrote [...]

Mother’s Day is a special day for mothers all over the world. Whether birth, foster mothers, female teachers or even mothers who suffered miscarriages, they are recognized for being a mother-figure for certain someone. Kapuso Actress Heart Evangelista, wife of Governor Chiz Escudero, received a Mother’s Day card from her twin stepchildren, Chesi and Quino. [...]