Xian Gaza Criticized Toni Gonzaga’s “Toni Talks”: “Chumi-cheap na”

On Toni Gonzaga’s entertainment channel “Toni Talks,” Xian Gaza made some harsh remarks regarding her content. Xian Gaza is making the rounds on social media after publicly expressing his opinions on Toni Gonzaga’s “Toni Talks.” In a Facebook post, Xian labeled the online talk program “chumi-cheap.” The influencer also used the comments box of his … Read more

Barbie Imperial Responds To Xian Gaza’s Offer

Remember when Xian Gaza asked Barbie Imperial for a job? In her vlog episode, the actress reacted to Gaza’s offer. Barbie Imperial chose to take on a challenge with her mother in her vlog episode “JOJOWAIN O TOTROPAHIN CHALLENGE.” Based on the headline, the actress has yet to determine whether to “jojowain” or “totropahin” the … Read more

President Duterte Calls Philippines “Republic of Marites”

President Rodrigo Duterte nicknamed the Philippines’ Republic the “Republic of Marites.” President Duterte declared the Philippines to be the “Republic of Marites” in his May 12 public speech. He claims that nowadays, even men are addicted to gossip. Duterte stated that “Kung gusto niyo ng tsismis, marami ako. This is a Republic of Marites na … Read more

Viral Now: Xian Gaza’s Shocking Revelations About Francis Marcos

Xian Gaza, the social media personality and also known as a con-artist has posted a shocking revelations about Francis Leo Marcos. His revelations gathers elicits comments from the socmed. Recalling, Francis Leo Marcos became one of the most controversial personalities on Television and on social media. This was after he was arrested by the authorities due … Read more