Bacolod Masskara Festival 2022 Schedule of Event and Highlights

The MassKara Festival is an annual event in Bacolod, Philippines, that takes place on the fourth Sunday of October. This year’s date is October 23rd. For over 40 years, the MassKara Festival has been known as a time for residents and tourists to have fun, drink, and party on the city streets.

Beginning in 1980, the MassKara Festival was founded after a crisis and tragic event when the price of sugar, the primary source of livelihood, was at an all-time low. A sad boat accident occurred this year, as well, and the MassKara Festival was staged to brighten the emotions of the inhabitants.

Bacolod is about a 50-minute flight away from Metro Manila. There is also the option of boarding an overnight boat from Manila to Bacolod. It is totally up to you to get there, depending on your budget and available time. When you arrive at the Bacolod-Silay Airport or dock, you may easily hail a cab to take you to your accommodation.

The festival’s Highlight will take place on Sunday, October 24, 2022. (the 4th Sunday in October every year). The majority of the attractions of the festival take place in and around the Bacolod Public Plaza. Lacson Street will be the scene of wild parties, wild dancing, and a lot of drinking.

MassKara Festival will be held in 2022.

The event lasts more than a month, beginning at 10:00 a.m. on October 1st and ending at 10:00 p.m. on October 31st, 2022.


The dancing competition on the streets is one of the primary highlights of the MassKara Festival. The participants dress up in crazy traditional costumes and masks and are led by excellent dancers. While this occurs throughout the day, at night, when the electric lights shine brilliantly, the arrangement is supplemented by dancers dressed in bold, colorful, and neon lights. There are parades when people dress up in spectacular costumes.

Aside from the primary dance competition, there are other other enjoyable events such as concerts, garden exhibits, sports, and drum contests. The greatest is the MassKara Beauty Queen pageant, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

It boasts the greatest chicken inasal in town.

Inasal Street in Bacolod is famous for its best chicken inasal, a popular grilled chicken delicacy.


Aside from being renowned as the “City of Smiles,” Bacolod is also regarded as the “Football City” of the Philippines.


Because sugar is the principal business in the province, Bacolod is home to a variety of sweets, including ‘Napoleones,’ ‘Piaya,’ ‘Barquillos,’ and ‘Biscocho.’

How to Get Around Bacolod City

You may have to go from one side of the city to another if you want to view the numerous events and experience the MassKara Festival Mask festivities. Make use of easily accessible public transportation. A jeepney is possibly the most cost-effective mode of transportation in the city. Other possibilities include pedicabs and tricycles.

If you really need air-conditioned vehicles, try ride-sharing services and taxis. The Grab Taxi app is convenient, and you may use it as needed.

Therefore, make sure you are informed of the route because many routes will stay blocked for the Masskara Festival, and you may have to use an alternate road or street. So, make certain of it before embarking on your travel or booking a ride.

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