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Confirmed: Isko Moreno for President, Dr. Willie Ong for Vice President

Finally, as many voters were excited to know if he will confirm the call for presidency, and at last he made it. Isko Moreno, recently holding office as mayor of the Philippines’ capital confirmed to run for president in 2022 election with his running mate former senatorial candidate Dr. Willie Ong who is a physician by profession and practice and he is also a public health advocate.

From BASECO compound in Tondo, Manila Moreno declares his presidential bid just today Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

His chance to win could be lifted up as promise by his campaign manager who had been a key figure for Rodrigo Duterte’s winning factor on presidential campaign in 2016 election whose identity is about to reveal soon.

It can be recalled that Moreno became attractive to the people following after his aggressive clean-up drive campaign within the area of responsibility in the city and he also made promises to revitalize the congested and deteriorating area in the city that turns into a better place to live in.

In addition, Moreno stood out as the chief implementor of lockdown during the pandemic and inforce the contact tracing efforts and initiate vaccination drives under his area of responsibility. These are just a few to mention of Moreno’s accomplishment in the office. Because of this remark, Moreno started appearing to be the most preferred presidential candidate in the country.

Video credit to Rappler

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