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Dr. Willie Ong gives his health tips to save you from novel coronavirus or COVID-19 the official name given by the world health authorities. In this video of Dr. Willie Ong, explained the factor of escalating the Covid-19 cases in the world based on the graph he is using a reference of his illustration. Dr. [...]

Our health condition is threatened by the news we heard about coronavirus that reportedly spreading in different countries from Wuhan China. Our social media doctors Dr. Willie Ong and wife Dr. Liza Ong shares insightful ideas how to combat against the dangerous coronavirus. In this video, our doctors discuss some important details how to prepare [...]

We the team of Attracttour.com would like to shout out all over the world and to the world of social media that we are strongly supporting Dr. Willie Ong in his senatorial candidacy. As social media professionals, we can see and feel Dr. Willie Ong in his advocacy of helping poor Filipinos who are suffering [...]