Basel Manadil Confronts Scammer for Getting Bank Details

Basel Manadil more popularly known as Hungry Syrian Vlogs recorded a call from a scammer and confront her. “So few days ago, been receiving several phone calls from different countries. And so I decided to film one of them just to share awareness and just for entertainment purposes only. ✌️ I censored their name and company name mentioned by the person.”

From the very beginning, he allegedly knew that the self -proclaimed “call center agent” was a ‘scammer’ who already knew some details about him.

It seems to have targeted him as he has some business besides being a well-known vlogger in the Philippines.

Basel boarded it and gave a strange address that the agent did not notice, especially since he was said to be “work from home” in Malaysia.

In the end, Basel told to a scammer “Search for a job that you can earn by your hardwork.”

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