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Watch: Toni Gonzaga Interview Basel Manadil

Toni Gonzaga invited the country’s famous vlogger Basel Manadil or better known as ‘The Hungry Syrian Wanderer’ on her YouTube channel. Basel Manadil, also known as The Hungry Syrian Wanderer, is a Syrian-Filipino vlogger and content creator, noted for his positive views on the Philippines and work to provide aid to victims of natural disasters. [...]

Basel Manadil more popularly known as Hungry Syrian Vlogs recorded a call from a scammer and confront her. “So few days ago, been receiving several phone calls from different countries. And so I decided to film one of them just to share awareness and just for entertainment purposes only. ✌️ I censored their name and [...]

Basel Manadil Shows Family Dream House in Laguna

Vlogger Basel Manadil shared the beautiful place where he plans to build their “family dream house.” He mentioned in the caption of his video that the first one he chose was already sold. “After few months since the last time I searched for the perfect place to build my parents and family’s dream house and [...]

Basel Manadil more popularly known as ‘The Hungry Syrian Wanderer’ reacts to all the allegations thrown at him by the viral Korean street vendor and friend named Bobby. In the YouTube Channel “Chong Bobby Channel,” Boboy claims to be a friend of Mr. Chang, we all witness that Boboy discrediting the help of Basel to [...]