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VIRAL: Winhelyn Romero Claimed Tim Sawyer is the Father of her Son, Raffy Tulfo Offered DNA Test

A woman named Winhelyn Romero asks help to Raffy Tulfo saying that Youtuber Tim Sawyer is the father of her son and that Tim left her during her pregnancy.

In the latest episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action, a woman named Winhelyn Zyra Romero sought the help of idol Raffy Tulfo complaining against Tim Sawyer and claiming that she has a child with the YouTuber.

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According to Romero she has a child with Tim and that the child is now 13 years old. During her pregnancy, Sawyer left her because he is not yet ready to commit to a relationship and run away to his responsibilities.

Winhelyn narrated that she and Tim were highschool lovers and live under the same roof for over a year. They were intimate with each until Tim allegedly impregnated Romero, which caused their breakup.

Winhelyn Romero

However, the YouTuber denied the accusations and claimed that he is not the father of Romero’s child. He also claimed that Winhelyn’s foreign ex-boyfriend was the father of the child.

With that, to confirm, idol Raffy Tulfo offered the two to sponsor a DNA test to prove if Winhelyn is telling the truth.

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